Introducing our Distiller & Winemaker, Kelly Yocom!

Kelly has a long family history spanning back to the early 1600's of alcohol related en-devours. As many in the family have suggested, she was destined to find herself turning her passion for infusing spirits and winemaking into a family business.

In her journey of becoming a distiller she has traveled across the United States learning the craft of artisan distilling and has been mentored by some of the top distillers across the country.

Additionally, she has worked through the University of California - Davis in their Wine Certification Program to further her passion and knowledge.

We invite you to join us in our warm and cozy tasting room at 106 Buckeye Street, in beautiful downtown Hudson, Wisconsin to learn more of the family history while sipping one of our signature cocktails or enjoying a glass of our delicious wines.

On a beautiful spring, summer or fall day/evening we also welcome you to our beautiful covered patio with spectacular views overlooking the St. Croix River.

Without the constant, never ending love and support of her high school sweetheart (Greg) this dream would not be a reality! As Hudson natives, The Yocom's are filled with pride to see this dream coming true in their hometown. Kelly's parents have put their daughters desire to open her own business at the center of their priorities and have worked side by side with them on many projects to see this through. Without their support and willingness to pitch in where ever needed the long and winding road would not be where it's at.

Following their college graduations, they both knew that Hudson was the community that they wanted to eventually raise their family in. Their daughter Madison (the namesake behind Madison Avenue Wine & Spirits) is the official photographer for the business and is always there to lend a hand all the while dancing her way to the next project.

Our mascot Jiggy (the little white furry guy pictured on everything!) would also like to share that our patio and green space is furry friend friendly and invites them to join you!

Whether your day finds you wishing to sip your cares away while nibbling on one of our expertly paired cheese plates or wanting to stop by for a warm smile and to grab a bottle to take home for a quiet night in.

The Madison Avenue Wine & Spirits team welcomes you to our little slice of paradise and we can't wait to see you again - Cheers!
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